2020-21 Moon Family Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean Studies

Dahye Kim studied modern Korean literature at the Department of East Asian Studies, McGill University (Montréal, Canada). Her doctoral dissertation, Techno-Fiction: Science-Fictional Imaginaries and the Technik of Writing in Contemporary Korea, examines the history of Korean popular literature from the perspective of media archaeology. This project argues that SF readers’ literary production should be understood in a wider global political context and cultural milieu, as well as through the history of media technologies such as the PC and the hangul keyboard, rather than being confined to the framework of national literature and literary studies. Dahye’s research emphasizes Korean culture and technology as inseparable entities that have coevolved through intricate negotiations with each other, thereby challenging Euro-American media scholars’ predominant understanding of media technology as singular and ultimately Western. Prior to enrolling at McGill, Dahye received both her B.A and M.A. in Korean literature from Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea), where she also completed PhD coursework in the same field. She was also the recipient of a graduate fellowship from the Korea Foundation during the research and writing of her dissertation (2017-2020).