2020-2021 Undergraduate Fellow

Major: Biochemistry
Year: 2021
Joseph first became interested in Korean studies during his junior year at Penn, when he decided to take a Korean language course. Although he was raised in a Korean-speaking household, he never felt that he had taken the time to properly learn the language or study Korea's rich history and culture. At Penn, Joseph found himself immersed in not only Korean language courses, but history and cinema as well.  He continues to pursue Korean studies as a 2020-21 Undergraduate fellow, hoping to enrich his knowledge through research on how Americans' perceptions of Korea has evolved over the recent decade.   
Joseph is also on the pre-med track as a biochemistry major. He works in a laboratory affiliated with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, studying craniofacial diseases in humans using mice. He hopes to become an orthopaedic surgeon who can effectively communicate with Korean patients in the future.