Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students who are interested in working on Korea-related issues should consult the Chair in the department of interest.


Graduation Requirements

Graduate students should consult with their advisor and the Graduate Board for departmental requirements. This page lists some common resources for graduate students working on Korea.


University of Pennsylvania Library Resources

The Van Pelt Library at the University of Pennsylvania publishes an informative library guide to Korean Studies, which can be found here.

Questions can also be directed to the Librarian, Rebecca Mendelson


Professional Journals

Some journals that are relevant to Korean studies include but are not limited to:

Since the above journals are limited by area, there are disciplinary journals such as the American Historical Review that may be relevant but are not listed here.


Tips on Preparing for the Job Market

  • There are various resources available for a job seeker who is hoping to secure an academic position in North America. A few resources are suggested below. Candidates should keep in mind is that it is advisable for the prospective applicants to start preparation approximately 2 years prior to entering the job market.
  • The University of Pennsylvania also has a Career Services center where graduate students can sign up for mock interviews, job applications management through Interfolio, as well as employment advice.
  • The University of Pennsylvania Press publishes The Academic Job Handbook which is an excellent general guide for job seekers.
  • Academic positions are often listed on disciplinary listservs such as H-Asia, the AAS-NEAC and the Koreanstudies mailing lists as well at more general websites such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside HigherEd.